12 October 2007

Just a Singin'

B. and I had a fun carpool into work this morning, complete with lots of off-key singing (mostly by me).

Meatloaf, Everlast, Belinda Carlisle, Social D, Everclear and Nickelback were all equally ashamed at our performances.

What's your favorite song to sing along to? I don't want to say Paradise by the Dashboard Light (such an expected answer), but that's all I can think of right now.


Iris Took said...

Man, there are so many! I have to say I really like show tunes because when you turn them up loud, you can sing loud, and then you "sound really good!"

Turtle Parade said...

Yes, there are tons...

The first one that comes to my mind it Tim McGraw, Somthing Like That. (But I like to call it BBQ Stain).

wrestling kitties said...

Yes, I sing to everything!!!

Show tuness ARE wonderful! I am always on the Broadway XM station! I also love the oldies and rock! You can sing them loud and they are fun!

Have you seen the show carpoolers? It is kind of a fun show! This week they were all singing Come on Eileen! What a GREAT song to sing!

Anonymous said...

Man I just told wiffee not too long ago that the song on the radio was "my song" to turn up and ROCK OUT!! now I can't remember what it was... POO!

Off the top of my head I can think of 2 (dos)...

Rescue (Jessica Rabbit)
by: Eve 6

Best of You
by: Foo Foo Fighters

also "New Miserable Experience" album, Gin Blossoms

or Weezer "blue album"

ps- if Dave Grohl and I were both single I would confess my love to him and propose... for real.

Rockit j Squirrel
(in case you hadn't guessed yet)

Anonymous said...

in an earlier blog this week you mentioned that you sang better after having a few drinks, so I was wondering if you had a few before work(god I hope not) just so you sounded your best while singing along. Back to the topic I sing along to any Elvis song that comes on the radio