31 October 2007

I'm Bummed

The Season Finale of LA Ink was last night. How am I going to get my ink fix? Is Miami Ink good?

P.S. Is it weird that I want to be Kat Von D.'s friend?


b said...

No it is not weird. I want to be her friend too, her friend with benefits that is.

wrestling kitties said...


LOVE this show and love her! Miami Ink is also really good...give it a try!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Is Miami Ink good?!?!

Um... can I scream a resounding, "YES!!!!!"

It is fantastic, and I think, totally better than Kat's show, but that could be because I'm extremely partial to Ami James.

Extremely partial. :-) (Yes, I know he's a hot-head.)

You'll like it.

Kay said...

I want to be Kat's friend too! How cool would it be to be inked by her ... to have a portait done.

How did you ever survive without cable/satellite?! Are you watching Dexter?

Iris Took said...

Kat von D is sweet. I don't think it is weird that you want to be her friend.

Now, if you said you wanted to be friends with the girls from the Hills or the OC or something like that, we might have an issue.

Anonymous said...

Not weird at all. I want to be her friend, too. But not with benefits and if it had to be with benefits, then only from the belly button up.

Anonymous said...

miami ink is so much better. maybe because there are a couple of hot guys on it, ami and chris. kat is ok, but every time i see her i just want to tell her to shower, she always looks so dirty.