01 October 2007

I Slept with a Strange Man

I'm trying to keep my blogging to a minimum today, but I had such a great weekend that I'm finding it hard to control myself. At least most of my entries since returning have been short. Here's another:

I stayed in Cincinnati this weekend with my friend W. and my goddaughters A. and L. The girls turn 3 tomorrow, so it was a big birthday weekend for them.

L. decided before I arrived that toys would help me sleep better. The ones she picked out for me are above. W. gave me a heads up Thursday by e-mail, specifically saying that I was going to be sleeping with a pony, a monkey and Mike Wazowski. I've since learned that that one-eyed guy is Mike. He hogs the covers.


Tricia said...

Oh, how cute! It's so adorable to see the way little kids think about and care for other people. When my brother was that age, he would always pick out a stuffed animal for my dad to take with him on a business trip, just so he could "have some company and not miss us too much".

b said...

You probably kept them up with your snoring

Anonymous said...

I heard the one eye keeps the ghosts away.