08 October 2007

I Got Carded! I Got Carded!

For cigarettes.*

When I laughed, the drive-thru clerk told me that it was the law, which made me laugh harder. I think she was about to send me on my way when she saw my friend J. in the car (who the cigarettes were for). The clerk sold them to me, but said that it was the law to card anyone who looked under 30. I said I was 30 and she didn't believe me. She went so far as to say that I looked younger than J. (who is 26). That made my day, but maybe not J.'s!

* And, later, beer.


Iris Took said...

NICE! Good for you!

wrestling kitties said...


They older I get the more I want to get carded for stuff like that! When I don't I think to myself....do I really look old!?!?