05 October 2007

I Can Dream, Can't I?

I just saw an ad for a Dream Job contest, which got me to thinking: if money was no object, what would I really want to do for a living? It was an easy answer:

I'd want to own a coffee shop/bookstore/craft meeting space where people could hang out, read, drink coffee or work on their crafts. I'm picturing ceiling-high bookshelves stocked with used books and craft supplies for use or purchase; wood floors; big, comfy chairs; a glass case featuring edible goodies; colorful lights hanging from the 15-foot ceiling; and round tables with bowls of M&Ms in the middle. I'd be on hand to help customers find the perfect book or lay out a scrapbook page for their 7-year-old daughter's ballet recital. I'd hire someone to bake and work the espresso machine.

What's your dream job?


T said...

I'll work for you! One of my dream jobs is to run an espresso machine and bake. :-)

Turtle Parade said...

I want to travel the world and be a nature photographer.

Or, I'd like to work in/own a flower shop.

wrestling kitties said...

I would love to travel with my husband and write reviews for travel books and stuff. Find the best resteraunts, hotels, attractions, bargins...everything!

How awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'll answer for lerch...

Beer taster!