15 October 2007

How Cool is Garth Brooks?

Even if you're not into country music, you might agree it's pretty cool that Garth Brooks sold out 9 shows in less than two hours earlier this month. And we're not talking about a small venue - the Sprint Center in Kansas City seats 18,000!

Garth Brooks was along for the ride for most of my high school years and some of my college ones so I'm excited that he's back and finding success again.

Do you have a favorite Garth Brooks song? I think I have to go with That Summer.


wrestling kitties said...

I was really into Garth Brooks during high school. I still enjoy him! I don't know my favorite songs...I really liked everything he did. I use to listen to The Dance alot and I thought Papa Loved Mama was fun!

Anonymous said...

He has several great songs. I might have to go with "Standing outside the Fire". I haven't listened to him for quite some time...I too was a fan in HS.

Tiny said...

Always loved "Shameless" and "The Dance."

Still listen to his greatest hits cd every now and again:)