23 October 2007

Halloween Favorites

I just realized this morning how ironic it is that I never got to celebrate my favorite holiday - Halloween - growing up. I have never in my life been trick-or-treating and I was 20 before I wore my first Halloween costume.

I will definitely live Halloween vicariously through my children when the time comes.

Until then, let's talk about our Halloween Favorites:
  • Costume
  • Movie
  • Candy


A. said...

Costume: I've only ever worn two - I was an Army chick when I was 20, a belly dancer when I was 21.

Movie: I loved the Child's Play movies when I was in high school. Now scary movies scare me.

Candy: Candy apples. Popcorn balls.

TLC said...

Costume: I think when I was "The Great Pumpkin" when I was pregnant. Just put on a big orange shirt w/ a jack-o-lantern face on it, and viola!

Movie: not a big fan of scary movies....maybe Poltergeist? That one always freaks me out.

Candy: Reeses's peanut butter cups

Kay said...

First of all, it pains me to tears that you never went trick or treating. I can understand it, being in the country and all, but still. How sad! You deprived little girl.


Movie: Do you really have to ask? :) Nightmare Before Christmas.

Candy: I really like Smarties, and Pixie Stix, except it seemed like whenever I got them while I was trick or treating they would snap in half and I'd end up with Pixie dust all over the bottom of my bag.

(I can't WAIT to go trick or treating with the girls this year! You should come with us!!)

Kay said...

Whoops, I didn't answer one.

Costume: My home-made Sally dress.

wrestling kitties said...

So sad you didn't get to go trick-or-treating :(

Costume: I have had MANY favorites! My mom use to make all our costumes and they were really good! As a kid my favorite was a black cat. Older, it was when I dressed up as an old lady! I got everything at Big Lots for under $20...I looked awesome!!!

Movie: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! Not into scary, so we watch charlie brown on halloween!

Candy: peanut butter cups or gummy bears!

Turtle Parade said...

costume: (I was never this myself, but I do think it's the most creative ever...but it entails having a partner) one person dressed up as a "ho" named Anna Arbor, and the other dressed up as a "pimp" in red and white. (yes, I'm a Michigan fan, but this was HILARIOUS when I saw it)

movie: oh, I like them all. I like scary. hard to pick a fav.

candy: riece's pieces or twizlers

Iris Took said...

Costume: I dressed up as Elton John one year when all my friends were "slutty" somethings and it was great. Although last year when we were the Girls NExt Door and Hugh Heffner, that was awesome! I don't think I paid for one drink all night.

Movie: HATE scary movies. I don't sleep after I see them. Last scary movie I saw was The Grudge and after that I stopped.

Candy: ALL! Bite sized stuff is so fun because I don't feel bad about eating a "whole" bar.