13 September 2007

Under Protest

Who woulda thunk it? Did you know that the rules to Donkey (or Pig or Horse) vary by state?

I've always played a version where you have to prove the shot that gets someone out of the game. For example, if Player A hits a shot and Player B misses, giving him his 'y', Player A has to make the shot again, thus 'proving it'. If Player A makes the shot, Player B is indeed out, however, if Player A misses, Player B is still in the game.

B., B. and M. had never heard of this rule before. So, I called my brother, who backed me up, but it was too late, I was out (under protest).

Do you guys play the 'prove it' rule in Horse?


wrestling kitties said...

We play if player A makes one and player B misses you get your letter. It isn't until the very last letter that the winning player has to infact make the shot for a second time...as a way to end the game.

I.E Player A makes it (now has HORSE), player B misses it, now player A has to make it again to win.

It is weird how people play different ways depending on where they are from!

Iris Took said...

I have never heard of the prove it rule. It is a good one though....

Turtle Parade said...

Nope, no "prove it rule" in my neighborhood either. I like it at the end of the game...but for every letter??? Way too long of a game I suspect! (At least with me playing!)

A. said...

It was just at the end of the game. Like since we were playing Donkey, it was just for the 'y'.