10 September 2007

RSVP Choices

So, on most RSVP cards, you have the following options:
  • Yes. I will attend.
  • No. I am unable to attend.
I'd like to propose a third option:
  • I guess so. I mean I want to come and all, but I haven't been home for the last three weekends and really need to stay home and do laundry and all that fun stuff. I know that you'll be upset if I don't come, though, so I guess I'll be there.
Or maybe:
  • Next time. Seriously. I know I haven't come to your last three get-togethers, but I really would like to, I'm just busy. Please don't take it personally.
How do you respond to invitations when you want to go, but you have other stuff to get done and know that if you don't go, you'll get the evil eye for weeks or months to come?


M said...

Ok, A and B: crossed off my invite list. I can take a hint.


wrestling kitties said...

HAHAHA!! Love that M.!!!

Just blame the spouse. Until you have kids it is your best way out of things!!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Lol. I'm laughing, M.

I say it depends - if it's a wedding, you go.

If it's a two-year-old's birthday party - skip it. :-)