10 September 2007

Records. R-E-C-O-R-D-S

That's what coworker M. and I set at the recent corporate spelling bee - a record. Specifically, we made it to the 6th round (best showing ever) and tied for 8th place.

If anyone comments that they could have spelled the word that spelled our demise, I'll hurt you.

Here were our words:
  • rehearse
  • incognito
  • etymology
  • recalcitrant
  • plenary
And the word: nihilism. In our defense, the pronouncer said it wrong and was even corrected by the judges, but it was too late. Our reign had ended.


M said...

Yeah, we did G-R-E-A-T! I'm proud of us.

Seriously, we don't want to hear from anyone who says, "oh, I would have got that right." You weren't sitting up there in front of 100+ people. You enter a spelling bee and then tell us how "easy" it is. Until then, zip it.

We rocked it, A!

M said...

And it was the pronouncer's fault. I hate that guy.

Iris Took said...

What a jerk! It was his fault for sure! (Ok, I know I wasn't there, but I am behind you all the way).