07 September 2007

Please Translate

Here's the latest doozy from my boss:
  • There's no fire yet, but I see a lot of dry wood.


Iris Took said...

Nice. My boss blew up at me the other day and then issued an inter-office memo on anger management. WHAT? It even had some typos in it.

Argh. No wonder I have an ulcer.

Anonymous said...

Translation: I'm a moron.

P.S. Thanks IRIS for STEELING my thunder. If I were A. I'd give you the spelling bonus.

Rockit J

Iris Took said...

Sorry Rockit. I am a jerk, but I am a jerk in love with a vampire named Angel.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Oh, this is so not ok.

What in the the name of all things, does that mean?

Who sits around and makes these phrases up?