20 September 2007

My Husband, The Chef!

Finally, the Hippie Commune has dinner figured out. One night a week, each of us are responsible for dinner. Monday is M.'s night, Tuesday is mine, Wednesday is B.'s and Thursday is RKM's. Beautiful.

What's even more beautiful are the omelets B. made for all of us last night. He forgot the boomers in mine, but that's O.K. I still love him. And omelets.

What are your favorite omelet ingredients? I'm a sausage, onion, mushroom girl myself.


wrestling kitties said...

First I am really not an egg person...or a breakfast at breakfast time person. However, maybe once every 5 months I will crave a good omelet or pancakes for dinner. If I get an omelet I like it with tons of vegies...peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatos and then with cheese and hot sauce!

Anonymous said...



M said...

Cheese. Definitely cheese. Every once in a while, ham too.