12 September 2007

I Love Real Men of Genius

Bud Light's advertisers should be commended - Real Men of Genius is a genius advertising campaign. For years, the Bud Light announcer, with his deep, serious voice, has introduced us to some of the best men of our time:
  • Mr. Giant Foam Finger Maker
  • Mr. Garden Gnome Maker
  • Mr. Boombox Carrying Rollerskater
  • Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer
  • Mr. Oversized Fanny Pack Wearer
  • Mr. Humongous Pumpkin Grower Guy
  • Mr. Way-Too-Proud-of-Texas Guy
Today, he introduced me to another great: Mr. Stadium Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy. If you hear it, let me know how the announcer can say 'chili cheese' with such professionalism.

When you're bored at work (or home, but most likely work), check out YouTube and Wikipedia for some great Real Men of Genius clips.


M said...

Agreed. These are too hilarious!

Thank you Mrs. Blog About Real Men of Genius Gal.

wrestling kitties said...

We love these!!! Our friend Chris made a CD of these for us earlier this year! They are so fun to listen too!!!