27 September 2007

I Feel Duped

James Frey pisses me off. I'm still mad about the whole Million Little Pieces controversy. I can heatedly argue why he sucks for hours.

But, I decided to read My Friend Leonard anyway. And I like it. Damn it.


Iris Took said...

What is the controversy?

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Ugh, he pissed me off, too.

His first book was supposed to be a "memoir". And, from what I understand, a memoir is what you actually REMEMBER from your life.

Nope - to Frey it was what he remembered, PLUS what he WISHES would have happened.

His book was a boatload of crap. If it were fiction, it would have been great. As a non-fiction "memoir" it was UN.BELIEVABLE.

(A. - the whole time I read that book, I said OUT LOUD to C., "This is unbelievable. No. Way." Then when I found out it wasn't true I was flaming angry. I haven't read, "My Friend Leonard" yet. Is that supposed to be fiction? Or another "memoir?")

A. said...

Petzels, I was convinced while I was reading A Million Little Pieces that it couldn't be true. The thing I couldn't get past was, 'If he was that high, that messed up, how did he remember so much in so much detail?'

I drink three margaritas and I can't remember how to tie my shoe, much less word-for-word conversations with the bartender.

I was so, so mad when it came out that it was 'embellished.' You're right, as fiction, it was great. As a memoir, he duped the world. As a writer, it pisses me off that he ruined memoirs for a whole slew of people - now people will be more sketical of memoirs they read and the people who want to write a memoir will have to jump through hoops to get it published.

Leonard was originally supposed to be a memoir, but I believe the classifiation changed to fiction after the hoopla. Reading it as fiction, it is really good.

Turtle Parade said...

The thing that bothers me with everyone that "hates" him now is that the book was good. period. Yes, he duped us, he lied....whatever...the book was still good.

It makes me mad that all these people will say how much they enjoyed reading his books, but the minute they find out it is at least partially fiction they change their minds. Seriously, who cares if he made things up or not. It's still a good book.

I read A Million Little Pieces knowing it wasn't completely true. I still loved the book.