30 September 2007

Get it Together, Old Navy

Old Navy made me feel skinny and fat all in one trip this weekend.

I went in in search of a new pair of jeans. My old Old Navy jeans, let's say they are a size D, are a little snug. So I go in, try on a pair of jeans in size E and they are too big! Huh? So I try the jeans on in size D and they are still too big!

I know that sizes vary from brand to brand, but shouldn't an old pair of Old Navy size D jeans fit better than a new pair of Old Navy size C jeans? I didn't think about it too much since I can say, as misleading as it is, that I had to buy smaller jeans.

But then, as I was checking out, the cashier informed me that since I bought a pair of jeans, I got a free tank top. She had small and medium left. I said no thanks, I'd need an XL. She insisted, so I explained that neither a small or medium would fit me, thank you anyway. You know what she did? She kindly gave me two mediums. I think I am supposed to sew them together.

P.S. Does anyone else like that sweater song on the new Old Navy commercials? I can't get it outta my head.


Anonymous said...

On Friday, when you were out of the office, I had the sweater song stuck in my head. I even went to the Web site and played the ad.
- S

Kay said...

Think of it this way - the reason why they only had small and mediums left is that everyone had already taken the large and extra large sizes because those are the sizes that fit them!

Iris Took said...

I am disappointed in Old Navy lately. It looks like a garage sale in there.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Two mediums? What? How does that make sense. Oy, Old Navy.