17 September 2007

Friends Forever

I've been doing a good deal of reminiscing lately (yeah, yeah, that's never good) and am a bit bummed.

Let me start from the beginning. It's 1995, Billy Madison is on the big screen, Smashing Pumpkins are on the radio and Twisted Metal is on the PlayStation. My brother, T., M., B., C. and I are hanging out. If it's a weekend, K. is around too.

24/7 for two years, we were always together, listening to the radio, playing PlayStation, throwing parties, swimming, playing pool, playing cards, dancing, singing, jumping on the trampoline, loving life. Other people (C., T., J., M., M., K.) were around from time to time, but our group was solid.

I was going through photo albums Friday night and was shocked at how many albums our group filled. In every single picture, we're laughing, smiling, hugging, kissing and most of all thinking it's going to be that way forever.

I bring this up because this weekend a member of the group got married. (Yeah!) But the group wasn't there. There's controversy behind that, of course, but I think a wedding is one of the times you should put all that away and celebrate.

I'm sure B.'s day was great, after all, he was getting married!, but I couldn't help wishing that 'everyone' was there to celebrate with him.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be sad... it's great that you have fun memories. Just think of all of the good times you will look back on about the hippie commune.