14 September 2007

Double DDs, Baby!

I know this isn't the popular response to last night's Big Brother 8 outcome, but here goes: Yeah!

I really am happy that the Donatos made it to the final two. Blame it on my iffy relationship with my dad, maybe it gives me hope.
Now who do I want to win? Hmm.


Billy said...

I don't care who wins. I just know that the best two players of the game made it to the final two. Go Donatos!

M said...

I'm indifferent. I wish it was just one of them in the finals. I think it's boring now. If Dick wins you know he is giving Daniele half of it. Blah.

The part I'm really waiting for the is the revealing of America's Player. I'm curious to know how they are all going to react. I wonder if Eric has already told Jessica?

Turtle Parade said...

I'm totally with you...I picked these two out from the beginning. As for who wins now, I think I'm with billy because I know Dick would share it, but I'm not so sure Danielle would.

And...with M, I think the biggest news now will be Eric telling Jessica why he did all those things. (He's already told her that he did them - the mystery vote, the mustard, etc - but didn't tell her why yet)

M said...

For some reason I'm the most interested to see Dick's reaction to Eric's news. I wonder if he'll feel bad. I just have a feeling that he'll be really surprised.

Anonymous said...

Boo! I choose Danielle. Dick has been, well, a dick.