17 September 2007

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

I learned an important lesson Friday - sometimes not sticking to your guns is a good thing.

Case in point: I have had zero interest in Abuelo's since it opened in Maumee. I figure, if I want good Mexican food, I'll go to Pepe's or Carmel's or a zillion other authentic Mexican restaurants. Why pay $14 for enchiladas from a chain restaurant, when there are great $7 enchiladas right down the street?

But, B. and I had some time to kill Friday and Abuelo's had instant seating, so we stopped in. I'm ashamed to say that I judged Abuelo's by its cover. I doubt I'll ever go there for Mexican food, but the wine, garlic, lemon chicken thing I had was amazing. And their chips are so light and crispy!

They have free appetizers and $2 margaritas in the bar on Fridays, so I think it's safe to say we'll be going back.

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