22 August 2007

Question of the Day

Disclaimer: I feel like I've either talked about or read something relating to the question I'm about to ask before. If you wrote a similar blog entry or have talked to me about this topic before, I apologize. I am not trying to steal your thunder.

What would you never buy at a dollar store?

My immediate thoughts:
  • Pregnancy tests (Good call, S.)
  • Douche (Whatta word.)
  • Drug filtering 'medicines' (For you hippies out there.)
  • Underwear from a bin
  • Spam, sardines, tuna ... your usual canned proteins
Your additions, please.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to second the Undies from a bin, and do they sell drug filtering "meds" at dollars stores?

Hippies must have more pull in the bargain shopping realm than I've given them credit for?


Anonymous said...

Um...probably no perishables. I second (or 3rd?) the pregnancy test. BUT, there are a lot of items i would buy...hangers, gift bags, green tea, notebooks, kitchen towels, paper products... afraid to say...I've purchased some Christmas and birthday gifts there as well. Now that you are all hoping I don't draw your name in the next gift exchange...JUST REMEMBER, I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add Condoms to the list but I suppose that if you bought the Condoms there you might as well buy the pregnancy test while you're at it.