16 August 2007

Question of the Day

Think you can eat 137 chicken wings in 12 minutes? Want to bob in blue cheese dressing for wings? Interested in checking out Miss Buffalo Wing 2007?

The Buffalo Wing Festival is right around the corner! Check it out here after telling me: do you prefer your wings breaded or not? Like that extra wing part or not? Fave wing spot?

I'm sure my Buffalo-native husband will have lots of wing opinions to share in the Comment Section. He takes his wings pretty seriously.


billy said...

not breaded, and get that extra wing tip part out of there it just gets in the way of the rest of the yummy wing. No wing places around here do in right. I don't know what they do in Buffalo, but they do it better.

billy said...

oh yeah I once ate 20 wings in 2 minutes and 6 seconds that is almost 120 wings in 12 minutes don't know if I could pick up the pace at all or I would slow down but that is not 137 wings. I guess that is something to aspire too.

Turtle Parade said...

I'll take the wing...leave the drummies at home! Not breaded, with BLUE CHEESE (ranch is a sorry subsitute introduced by Ohio, I think!)

Anonymous said...

no breading. no extra part. I prefer the wing over the drum and I don't like them too saucy. Best wings I've had can be found at Quaker Stake and Lube. It has to be the Louisiana Lickers sauce. No blue cheese, I prefer ranch.