03 August 2007


I just came across this great new Web site that fellow book lovers should check out! It's called PaperBackSwap.

At PaperBackSwap, you post the books you are willing to part with and earn credits as other members select them. For each credit you earn, you can pick a book from another member that you want to read. That book will be shipped to you at no cost to you. If a member requests a book from you, you pay for it to be shipped to them. (Average postage is $2.13.)

There are currently 1,389,598+ books from 1,104 members waiting to be swapped. (I'm posting some of mine tonight!)

There is currently no fee for this service, although the site states that it may charge a $10-20/year fee in the future. If/when that happens, you will have the option to continue your usage of the site or cancel your membership.

The site has an affiliate CD site here.

P.S. If you sign up, please say I referred you so that I get a book credit!

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