27 August 2007

Got Books?

I do!

As part of our fun-filled weekend, which included two concerts and a movie (Knocked Up), B. and M. and I also hit the county library book sale. Bags of books were $3, so we decided to go see if anything caught our eye. At most, I was thinking we'd get a bag of books between us, maybe 5-6 books.

Two hours, 3 bags and 70+ books later, I realized that wasn't going to be the case.

M. hit the jackpot in the first aisle - shelf after shelf of work-related books. The biography aisle was also a favorite of hers. B. got a good selection of books as well, many sports and music related, and I found several for B., although few for myself.

In short, not a bad hull for $9. The next time the library holds this sale, check it out! Especially if you have kids - there were shelves galore full of kids books, all in good condition.


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It rocked! I will attend again and again. I never knew how excited one could get by books... but boy was I ever!