07 August 2007

Good Morning, Baltimore!

My cousin A. and I saw Hairspray Sunday! Two words: Loved it!

I've never seen the original movie or the play, so I'm not sure how the 2007 version compares, but I think it was great. The actors - creepy Christopher Walken, cross-dressin' John Travolta, ditzy Amanda Bynes, Texas cheerleader-type mom Michelle Pfeiffer, strong Queen Latifah, my fave Brittany Snow and newcomer Nikki Blonsky - were great! (Even the ones I didn't name!)

I can't get the songs outta my head. I wanted to dance in the theater. I was entranced.

Some great moments: Christopher Walken and John Travolta singing to each other; Christopher Walken sleeping on a bed of Whoopie Cushions; Amanda Bynes and Elijah Kelley making eyes at each other; etc.; etc.

If you even remotely like musicals, go see it!

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M said...

I think I know a certain blogger, ahem, Wrestling Kitties, who probably shouldn't see this.

"Is this a musical?"