26 August 2007

Concert Review: Part I

Concert Weekend kicked off Friday with .38 Special at the Sandusky County Fair. Bad weather was on the horizon, but rain or shine/no refund tickets meant we were going no matter what.

The evening started on a good (although guilt-inducing) moment when the usher mistakenly seated us in the front row. We weren't sure of the error until it was too late for us to fix it - the people he made move were MIA.

The southern boys rocked out Rockin' into the Night before playing Twentieth Century Fox, Back Where You Belong and Wild-Eyed Southern Boys.

By this time, I realized they were playing the Live at Sturgis album in order. It was also about the time the powers that be shut the show down. Yep, Donnie, Don and the boys were told to pack it up. Who cares that the sky was black and lightning was right on top of us?

If the group continued to follow the Live at Sturgis playlist, we were two songs from If I'd Been the One, seven from Caught Up in You and eight from Hold on Loosely. Not fair. Stupid Mother Nature.

I know it's not .38 Special's fault that we had to hightail it to the car (we didn't make it, by the way), but I can hope that if they come across this post, they'll send me a signed CD or something.

P.S. What we did see of .38 Special rocked; I'd definitely like to see them - a whole show of them - again.

P.P.S. Since we had the Live at Sturgis CD in the car, we used a cell phone pic of the concert to create what we might have seen if the band had gotten to Hold on Loosely while we were waiting for traffic to move. Not bad.

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