01 August 2007

My Husband is a Dork

A couple weeks ago, B. and I bought the fixin's for salami-wrapped Vlasic-style pickles with cream cheese, a snick-snack favorite. The small deli bag of salami we bought didn't last long, so I had to buy more last week so use up the cream cheese and pickles we bought.

Today, while on the way to work, I got this text from B.:

"Why is the salami so little this time? It makes it harder to do pickle wraps. You have to use two per pickle. And they don't wrap all the way around."

Now, if you knew B., you'd know that this is quite the opinion for him to have. He is known for being the most easy-going, least confrontational guy around. So I called him to get more insight (and to make sure he wasn't eating salami-wrapped pickles with cream cheese for breakfast).

After confirming that he had the wraps for a snack last night, he wrapped up the conversation with, "You just can't get quality pickle wraps with that salami, but at least you still get the flavor."

No one else will probably find this exchange as interesting as I did, but I had to share - it's why I love my husband so much!


Turtle Parade said...

Mmmm...one of my favorite snacks, except I like them better with Clausen pickles and I use corned beef. I've had them with ham too and they are delish! I'd love to try with salami!

Anonymous said...

You two are so perfect for each other. I love that you both appreciate the other's quirks. It makes me smile.