25 July 2007

Why I Hate Potlucks


I just finished whipping up two yummy dishes for my office's Fun Food Friday (and a coworker's last day - sniffle) potluck, but I'm not excited about serving them. I'm stuck in 'Is-it-Good-Enough' mode.

I can tell you from experience that the chicken wontons are scrumptious, but I don't think I crisped the wontons enough and the sauce hasn't set up. (I now also think that taking my toaster oven to work was a stupid idea.)

I've never had the chocolate peanut butter truffle things before, but everything in them is delish, so I'm sure they are too. Still, I can't help but worry ...

Please tell me you do this too. I'd feed both of these dishes to friends and family members, but for some reason I'm hesitant to serve them (or anything I make, ever) to coworkers.

Like I said earlier, arg.


Tiny said...

Who's leaving?! (In code would work...)

Anonymous said...

I dreamed last night of wontons and truffles.

Regarding your comment that you'd feed them to friends and family but NOT to coworkers...what are you saying?!

Anyway, I'm no expert, but I think you crisped the wontons just enough.

A. said...

Tiny - The coolest intern ever, Russ, is leaving us. :-(

Cobra - I'd feed anything to my family members - I'm not trying to impress them with my spectacular cooking skills! You guys on the otherhand, well, I care what you all think. :-/

Tiny said...

Awww... not Russ!

Tiny said...

Awww... not Russ!