13 July 2007

Wedding Advice 101: Make it Unique

Weddings tend to remind B. and I of, well, other weddings, so after we attend a wedding, we tend to think back to the Best of the Best.

For example, K. and C. had the most unique wedding ceremony (C. is Philippino); T. and J. had the best cake; G. and A. had the best reception (G. is Greek); etc.

C. and J., who were married last weekend in Indianapolis, hands-down win the award for most unique entry to the reception. While the DJ played a very common sports song, whose title I can't place at the moment, the Butler University cheerleading team (and mascot) lead the processional.

The cheerleaders (men and women) ran in when the music started playing, did a bit of a routine and then lined up - pom-poms in the air - to welcome the wedding party. The mascot, a bulldog, was waiting at the end of the line to give the wedding party high fives.

At the time, I think I was a little shocked, but now, looking back, I think it was pretty darn cool.


Iris Took said...

I agree. Weddings do run together.

wrestling kitties said...

How fun!