30 July 2007

We Have a Backyard!

When B. and I bought our house three years ago, we didn't really realize (at least I didn't) that we didn't have a backyard. Specifically, a backyard with grass.

Our backyard consisted of an above-ground pool, a concrete-floored kennel, a concrete patio and a deck. Notice anything missing? Grass.

Yep, our entire backyard was concrete (except for the pool and deck). It wasn't a big deal, our backyard is small and the pool was great, but earlier this year, we took the pool down, leaving ourselves with a concrete backyard and a circle of dirt.

Many an idea for the dirt circle was tossed around - mulch, grass, tiles, etc. - but we finally settled on grass. Despite the heat, it's popped up quite nicely and today even looks like it could use a mowing! I'm pretty excited to set a patio set on it!