03 July 2007

We Are Family

Thanks to the planning skills of my cousin A., we pulled off a pretty spectacular family gathering Saturday in honor of our grandparents' 55th wedding anniversary. Spectacular because it's been 5 years since we've gotten together other than for weddings (our grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary was the last occasion) and spectacular because almost everyone came.

Missing were two cousins (who live in different states), one cousin's husband, one cousin's girlfriend and my grandfather (who didn't feel well). Even my brother came. I had to remind him which uncle was which, but he came.

Above mentioned cousin A. and uncle M. even put together and framed a beautiful family tree - complete with limbs for additional grandchildren. (My cousin C. is having 10.)

I hope it's not another 5 years before we get together again (excluding C.'s wedding next summer). Every time I see my family, I realize that I like them. Imagine that.

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