25 July 2007

Sing to Me

Me, B. and our friends RKM and Smurf are going to be in the Dayton area this weekend with some time on our hands, so we thought we'd take advantage of the proximity to some big cities and see a concert. I mean, we have Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati to choose from, there has to be someone cool playing Saturday night, right? Wrong.

Seriously. There are a few good shows lined up Friday night (Live, Collective Soul and Counting Crows, O.A.R.), but nothing on Saturday. Boo.

On a related note, my good friend B. got me half of a double O.A.R. CD set at a garage sale Saturday, renewing my love of the group and sparking his. Ironically, they are playing in Detroit Saturday. While we'll be in Dayton.


WKRP said...

Um, hello, ALOHA is playing in Cincinnati on Saturday night!!

Turtle Parade said...

I know this great bar in the Dayton area if you're interested....

I had a friend that used to live there, and we would go down just to go to that bar.

The evening starts off with country music - line dancing, the whole shot. People in cowboy hats (at one point there was a mechanical bull, but I'm not sure it's still there). Then, roughly around 11pm, the place changes into rap.

It's crazy. And somehow, these two groups of people get along beautifully - and I always had a blast!

It's called "The Yellow Rose."

I miss it.

A. said...

TP - I have been to that bar! And had a run in with that bull! I've been telling my friends we should go there, but I've been calling it Blue Moon for some reason. Is there another bar down there called Blue Moon? (Maybe a techno/gay bar?)