24 July 2007

Say it Ain't So

So, my friend M.* has been experiencing some sort of allergic reaction this summer. I believe it's happened three times so far.

Because she couldn't figure out what was causing it (i.e. she hasn't been rolling in poison ivy), she had an allergy test done.

First of all, allergy tests are interesting procedures, full of rules and regulations that I won't go into here. The real point of this story is that M. might be allergic to the sun. (Pause for gasp.)

I know! Right!** Who is allergic to the sun? How can that be?

While M. waits for the final verdict, I want to know what you wouldn't want to be allergic to. The sun would suck, but I think I'm going with chocolate. Or water.

* I hope it's OK that I broadcast your ailment on my blog.
** That's for you, M. and B.


M said...

Sad. That would stink. I hope that's not what it is.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

What? That is horrendous. A nightmare. Very sad.

Tiny said...

Oh my gosh, M... That would suck!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Tell me about it. "M" is me. I'm still defying the doctor and am planning my own testing. Each time i have had a reaction, somehow or another, wood has also been involved. SO... now all I need to do is have lots of exposure to the sun and stay away from wood. Seriously! The sun! Answering your question, I would not want to be allergic to cheese. Now that would suck!