13 July 2007

Run, A., Run!

I had an urge to run* the other day.

This is a big deal for me - mainly because 99% of the time, I hate to run. For any reason at all. Only in rare circumstances, which have never occurred, will I run. They include chasing after David Boreanaz if I see him in an airport and running from vampires (unless they are David Boreanaz in disguise).

My dislike for running can be traced to two things - my brother got all the running genes our parents had to dole out and when I run I can't breathe. (Thanks to M. and WebMD, I think I could have sports-induced asthma.)

But the other day I wanted to run. For fun. I wanted to race around a track or along a path with no destination in mind for an extended period of time. If it wasn't 95 degrees outside, I really might have tried it (for half a block or until I hyperventilated).

I hope the feeling comes back. I've never been able to understand my brother's love or skill, but the other day I felt a twinge of interest.

* Running when playing tennis or softball doesn't count. I'm talking about running-running.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for crediting runners with skill, Your one of the few who ever have.

Rocket J Squirrel