16 July 2007

Question of the Day

The other day, my coworker S. told us that she had found sasparilla while on vacation. Evidently, this soda was a favorite of hers from childhood.

That got me to thinking about items from my childhood that I'd like to stumble across. Teaberry gum was one of them. I used to love this gum! But except for a few random occurrences, I haven't been able to find it in years.

Luckily my coworker M. has better luck than I do! I now have my very own pack of Teaberry gum - and know where to find it! (Meijer.) Thanks, M.!

What treat - bought or homemade - would you like to taste again from your childhood?


Anonymous said...

Clark's puts out about once a year a retro sales display which contains teaberry, Clove and Blackjack gum. When I was a little guy(very long time ago) my grandma had a book about Tommy Teaberry.

Anonymous said...

Remember those wax things that had juice in them. Well, I understand that as an adult, they may not be all that...but they do bring back fond memories. I suppose gnawing on a wad of wax may bring back a few smiles from my childhood.

OH! And Lefsa (sp?). Norwegian in origin. It looked like a soft shell tortilla...think it was made from potato??? We spread butter on it and sprinkled it with sugar. Now that would certainly bring back the memories...maybe even a few tears.