18 July 2007

The Power of Music

Music can do amazing things - make someone smile, make someone cry, give someone hope, etc. Recently, however, a song made my coworker S. angry and nauseous. Her words. Here's why:

S. hates Kelly Clarkson. It's the whole American Idol connection. I knew this, but Irvine, the last song on Clarkson's new CD, is right up S.'s alley so I had to make her listen to it.

S. reluctantly listened to the song and ... loves it! I think her words were, 'It's an f-ing beautiful song.' But, she's mad that she loves it! I think her words were, 'It makes me f-ing nauseous that I like it.'

It's an interesting situation for her - to absolutely love a song by someone she despises so much.


wrestling kitties said...

You know I like anyone who is willing to go against the big music label and write and create their own music!!! I can't wait to get Kelly's new CD.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes that happens. It is a conundrum. For instance, I really don't like 311. My friend from Iowa put a song by 311 on a mixed CD and mailed it to me. She did not label the songs or bands on the CD. I'm not sure if I liked the 311 song because I truly liked it or because my thoughtful friend put it on a CD for me. It is a difficult situation to be in. Although, I'm not quite on the same level as your friend who despises Kelly. I can empathize with her.