03 July 2007

My 2nd Grade Teacher was a Liar

No one writes in cursive anymore. At least no one I know. The closest I've seen is a hybrid handwriting - half cursive and half print.

This topic pops up from time to time. At my last job, we once got on a discussion about how to make cursive 'Fs' and cursive 'Qs'. No one remembered.

Recently, after discovering that 'powwow' is one word, my new coworkers discussed writing that word in cursive. (Try it. It's hard.)

Do you ever write in cursive? My second grade teacher said all adults did. I think she lied.


Iris Took said...

I got a C in handwriting in 3rd grade. It maimed my grade card. I was mad....and for WHAT??!?!?! I am so on board with you.

Kristen said...

I'm one of those hybrid writers myself. Most of my writing is in "curvy print" as my second grade teacher told me. Only when I write quickly do I use cursive.

And I completely agree. Teachers lie. Like you'll always need trig... that was a lie!

wrestling kitties said...

HA! very true! I cursive/print as well. Some letters were not meant to be written in cursive!

KateGladstone said...

As a May/June 1998 JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH study disclosed, the fastest and most legible handwriters don't write either "pure" cursive or "pure" printing. Highest-speed highest-legibility handwriters employ print-like shapes only occasionally joined (using the easiest joins and skipping the rest).

Kate Gladstone
Handwriting Repair - http://www.learn.to/handwrite