30 July 2007

In Pursuit of the Perfect Pizza

I got to have my favorite pizza Saturday - LaRosa's, a Cincinnati-area favorite.

On Sunday, another restaurant made my Top 5 on my first visit - Marion's, a Dayton-area favorite.

Around here, I can always go for Jo Jo's or Pisanello's white pizza.

What's your favorite pizza? Restaurant and toppings, please.


A. said...

To get the ball rolling, my favorite toppings are pepperoni, mushroom and bacon or sausage and onion.

If I get the white pizza, I like chicken, bacon and broccoli! Yum!

wrestling kitties said...

Pisanello's - YUM!!!

I like ham, green pepper, mushrroms and black olives! Also, the roast beef pizza at Poligias (sp) in BG is awesome!!!! A white sauce with roast beef and cheese - delic!

TLC said...

Inky's - pepperoni.

all-time favorite.