17 July 2007

Hey, Hey. Ho, Ho.

BB Jen has got to go.

Seriously, is Big Brother 8's Jen for real? I cannot take anymore of her. It doesn't seem like the houseguests can either, so of course she won HOH Sunday. And she put up Evil Dick and Daniele. Not fair. I have my fingers crossed that whoever wins the POV uses it, forcing Jen to put up someone else. Jessica?

Your thoughts?


M said...

Yes, that girl is for real. She is not talented or smart enough to be "acting" that way. She makes my ears bleed when she talks. I often wonder how people like that get on in this world. Who talks to her? Who can stand her for more than a minute? She makes me angry.

I don't think either one of the two that are nominated right now will go home. Someone will save them.

billy said...

Whoever wins veto should save one of them so that they can vote off the person put up instead of either one of them that is up. I think Evil Dick will make the show too interesting to leave this soon. The only reason that Danielle is up is Jen wants Nick, and Nick likes Danielle.

M said...

I agree Billy. I think that's exactly what will happen. And I think if Dick won, he would use the veto on Daniele.

The only thing is that Jen is an idiot, she will put up someone that everyone likes and screw up everything. Down with Jen!

billy said...

I thought that Jen would put up Nick because of the time he spends with Danielle and not Jen, but Jen threw me for a loop and put up Joe(who I thought should have been put up). Joe is gone. Glad Evil Dick and Danielle will make it further.

M said...

I agree, Joe is out. I think there are some Dick fans in the house, some who may not want to admit it. It'll be fun to see what tactics are used in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Jen sucks. Simple as that. The sad thing is that she has no idea. You have to admit there is a problem before you can change. She really thinks people like her. She's definitely gone next week...as long as she doesn't win the veto competition. I agree that Evil Dick may or may not have some in house fans. Of course the whole strained relationship is probably tugging at the heart strings. What's with the crying girl!!?? Pretty sure she needs to talk to a counselor or something. Crying is good in moderation, just like everything else in this world. Maybe America's player should have to make her laugh instead of cry.