13 July 2007

Bad Dog? Bad Judgment?**

B., Devo and I went to the lake last week to celebrate the 4th of July with B.'s family. This is an annual event - full of family, friends, fun, food and fireworks.

This was Devo's second trip to the festivities. In previous trips to the lake, he has won a lot of hearts, made a lot of friends and learned that he is allowed to chase the golf cart. (It's B. and I's lazy way of exercising him while we're there.)

So after lunch on the 4th, I noticed that Devo wasn't underfoot. A few people said he was in the house, but when I went to check, he wasn't there. When I checked the front yard, I noticed the golf cart was missing and knew he had chased it.

Yep, my dog ran away. I don't want to be dramatic, but it was traumatic. Several of us split up to circle the lake and find him, which we eventually did, but not without a lot of time for emotions to swell.

Some evil, mean woman saw him walking down the road and put him in her backyard. I think she was trying to steal him.

* Photo caption: Devo and his patriotic bandana, a gift from doggy daycare.
** I don't want to point fingers, but one of B.'s family members saw Devo following her on the golf cart and 'told him to go home'. That obviously didn't work.

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Anonymous said...

I have NEVER seen as much alliteration in one paragraph EVER!!!! (your opening paragraph)


Rocket J Squirrel