16 July 2007

500 What?

While having lunch and playing pool with my dad yesterday at the Amvets, I tricked him into buying me some pull tabs. I know they are a waste of money, but it was his money, so I was OK with that.

We (B., my brother and his girlfriend T.) were getting a little discouraged as our pile of losing pull tabs grew and the pile of tabs yet to be pulled shrunk. We wanted to win something - at least get my dad's money back.

Then it happened! I won! But the problem with pull tabs is that it's hard to know exactly how much you won without asking someone.

I ran up to my dad, told him I won, but I didn't know how much. A woman he was talking to looked at the tab and said, '500'. My reply, '500 what?'


Yep! I won (or just happened to be the one to open) $500!

Of course I gave my dad his money back. And even though it was my idea to have him buy the tabs, I split the money with everyone else too. I'm good like that. Now what to spend my money on. Hmm.

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wrestling kitties said...

How exciting and how awesome!!! And that was very nice of you to share!!!