13 June 2007

What'd I Miss?

Thanks to my friend W. and her donation of books, I've been on a reading kick lately. Sunday I finished 'Little Children'.

At first I thought I liked the book. It was a quick read. I was interested in the characters. I wanted to see what would happen next. But at the end, I felt very unsatisfied - almost like I missed something.

Has anyone else read this book? Thoughts?


M said...

Yes, I've read this (thanks to you!) and I agree. I did feel like I missed something but the more I think about it, I appreciate things that aren't wrapped up nicely sometimes. It can be almost annoying when they are, especially given the situation in this book.

I just liked the book because of the writing and I will leave it at that.

PS - I would be more than happy to accept some more books that you have in your stash. I'm hooked again. :)

WKRP said...

There is supposed to be a movie made of the book, so it'll be interesting to see how the story is told on the big screen.

M said...

Oh yeah, this movie has been out for a while. Kate Winslet was nominated for Oscars for it.

I think I would like to see it. I bet it's good.