08 June 2007

What a Pleasant Surprise!

So, the chores around the ol' S. home have been stacking up as of late. Our dining room walls are still down to the studs. Our 'garden' has been sitting in containers on our kitchen windowsill for awhile. The truckload of dirt needed to even out the hole left when we took the swimming pool down has been piled in our driveway for a week. So on and so forth.

We keep meaning to get to it, but other things keep popping up - work, school, batting practice, walking Devo, the weather, reading, watching TV, eating, sleeping, etc.

But, B. got a shot of energy yesterday and dug out and planted the garden and wheelbarrowed the truckfull of dirt into our backyard (with help from B.M.)!

Bravo! Gold stars and blue ribbons all around! We'll be eating cherry tomatoes and jalapeno peppers at our new patio set before we know it!

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