29 June 2007

Way to Go, CC 2!

First of all, our softball team needs a better name. And a mascot. 'Let's go, Cedar Creek 2!' is too long to yell. And not very inspiring.

We need a 'thing'. Maybe the Cedar Creek Bees, as suggested by one of our teammates last night.

Last night would have been a good night to come up with a team name - after several disappointing and discouraging innings (and a score of 11-2 not in our favor), we rallied to win!

It was softball at its finest! And I sorta felt like we were a team, not just a bunch of people thrown together last minute to play softball.

The highlights:
  • B.M. made an inspiring toss to third while diving that got us an out - and him a cramped muscle, which was worked out by a player from the other team.
  • B. made a beautiful catch in right center seconds after going in for B.M.
  • Our ringer got drilled in the back by a wayward softball, but recovered nicely.
  • I made a crucial out by tagging a guy in the butt. (He told me nice play later. How embarassing.)
Next game in two weeks! Go, CC2!

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