01 June 2007

I Know. I Know.

Swallow whatever beverage is in your mouth before continuing. I don't want you to spit your pop, water, juice, etc. on your computer screen when laughing.

I think Dave Navarro is hot. There. I said it.

When he was a judge on Rockstar last summer, I became a little infatuated. I know that's strange. I'm not proud of it.
But, I'm not the only one with strange crushes. One of my friends has a thing for Eminem and another loves Beck.

A third friend, a straight guy, even has a crush on Dave Grohl.

Are you brave enough to share your embarrassing celebrity crush?


Anonymous said...

Well...I've always thought that Tupac was hot...or is if you think he is still alive. It's gotta be the eyes!

Turtle Parade said...

I'm not going to disagree with you on this...there is something intrigueing about him, although he's not on my list.

I'm not sure of one that I'm embarrassed about...

wrestling kitties said...

most men who are in rock bands I find hot! I ecspecially like the eyeliner wearing ones ;-)

wrestling kitties said...

ok, I remembered last night as I was watching TV my unusual crush!

Rob Dyrdek!! He has a reality show on MTV (Rob & Big) and he is a professional skateborder and 100% adorable!!!!