29 June 2007

Gotta Love Reruns

A few weeks ago, I caught a rerun of American Gladiators while at my friend E.'s house. Oh the memories this viewing brought back!

I loved this show! I totally wanted to be on it - not because I thought I could win, but because I wanted to play on the set! I think that would have been a blast. And still do!

Anyone care to share your favorite American Gladiator game or Gladiator?

My favorite game was Atlasphere, although Joust was cool too, but I don't remember having a favorite Gladiator.


Iris Took said...

I totally wanted to be a gladiator. I thought it was cool that those girls were huge like that!! That show ruled.

wrestling kitties said...

We were totally watching old episodes of this with some friends last week!!!!!! I LOVED this show!! It is SO fun to watch now! I don't think there was a game I didn't like!!