08 June 2007

Get that Dog a Coach!

B. and I had a mini conditioning session at the local park last night in preparation for our re-entry into organized softball. It went well - a little hitting, a little throwing, a little fielding.

But the best part was watching Devo field our balls. At first, he'd chase after the balls and bring them back, only to run away with the ball when we tried to take it from his mouth. A few times he did drop the ball pretty close to B. when he was pitching. Toward the end, he'd race us to the balls, then keep running.

I think it's a start, though. Before we know it, he'll be shagging line drives and delivering them right back to the pitcher's mound!


wrestling kitties said...

HAHAHA!!! awesome! You need to get him his own jersey!

Anonymous said...

As long as he's not Presbyterian.