12 June 2007

Definition, Please

Finally! After years of retirement, I am once again going to participate in a spelling bee - this time with my coworker M.!

Don't laugh. I'm pretty excited.

I'm not claiming to be a great speller, but I think I'm OK. At least I thought so before I saw some of the words in our spelling bee study guide, especially those of German origin:
  • Meistersinger
  • nachtmusik
  • schottische
  • pfeffernuss
  • anschluss

P.S. When I spellchecked this post, every one of the bulleted words was highlighted. Hmm.


M said...

We are totally in conditioning right now.

Anonymous said...

I can help you out by using the last two in a converstion.
"No dear you may not stick it in my anschluss tonight, nor any other night. I'm a strickly pfeffernuss kind of girl. You know, the traditional type."

You can thank me later. If you want I can show you my second place trophy from the Mark Center spelling bee I received for my spelling exploits for motivation. I still firmly believe that I would have gotten first if God hadn't been so anit-zeedyk and pro-eble.


wrestling kitties said...

OH....how exciting!!!