06 June 2007

Come on Down ...

... and tell me what your favorite Price is Right game is.

Fans have been lining up to get their chance to be on Bob Barker's last show - which is being taped today.

If you were there, what would you want to play? Plinko? Cliffhanger? Hole in One? Punch a Bunch?

I've never been a huge PIR fan (That's how my friend W. refers to The Price is Right, which she did often while on maternity leave. I guess only true fans can do that.), but now that Bob's era is coming to an end, I can see what a big deal it is. I think this guy summed it up best:

"I'd rather win a couch from Bob Barker than a million dollars from Howie Mandel," said Mark Dub, a NASA engineer who flew from Houston for the final show. "He's part of American culture."


wrestling kitties said...

Even though he is a little creepy he IS part of our culture and I like him!!! He will be missed!

I would 100% want to play plinko!!!

Anonymous said...

There are so many! I would pick any of them, Three Strikes was one of my faves (not sure if they play that anymore?), Plinko is cool, 10 Chances would be fun so I could write with that marker, the Cliffhanger is a hoot...I really would just want to spin the wheel.

I don't mind telling you that TPIR is one of those games shows that always makes me cry. People get so happy for the players and that warms my heart. I will probably be a total mess on Bob's last show.


Billy said...

I just want to spin the wheel so hard it goes around like six times!