08 June 2007

B. vs. The Spice Girls

For someone who doesn't share a lot of his opinions, B. is furious with the Spice Girls - has been for several days now - and has talked about it on more than one occasion.

B.M. made the mistake of quizzing us the other night on how many Top 40 hits the Spice Girls had. Needless to say, our guesses started small.

1? No. 2? Nope. 3? Try again.

7! The Spice Girls had 7 hits in the Top 40. Yes, that is shocking, but B. is appalled. Outraged even.

Ask him about it sometime - it's hilarious!

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wrestling kitties said...

My masculine, heavy metal, long haired husband loves the Spice Girls!!! Still does! hahahahaha