21 June 2007

3 Down; 4 to Go

Operation Food Pyramid: Day 3 Report

* I'm not sure if humbled is the right word, but my feelings toward the Food Pyramid have changed. It really isn't bad.

* I'm not hungry. I'm not tired. I'm not even really pining after that cheesecake to the left.

* I think it's a mindset.


wrestling kitties said...


The government can't be right about anything, this can't work!!! I think it is a trick!

Anonymous said...

I have also been adhering to the food pyramid guidelines. I must say it really is not that bad...I have not done as well as my counterpart....(there was a potluck at work for a surprise baby shower!!! I couldn't pass it up.) I'm adding an additional day since I was not disciplined today. I must agree about not getting the afternoon yawns. Um...and in case anyone wanted or needed to know...I've um... been much more regular...if you catch my drift.