20 June 2007

2 Down; 5 to Go

Operation Food Pyramid: Day 2 Report

* I'm surprised. Day 2 was fine. Learning from Day 1, I moved my 2 p.m. snack forward an hour to avoid hunger pains before dinner, which worked beautifully.

* 2 ounces of ham steak is not much ham steak. But I realized I didn't really need more than that after I finished dinner. The cup and a half of veggies helped.

* I had a fight with temptation while at the mall. Aunt Annie's pretzels were calling my name. But I resisted.

* I'm not feeling tired or weak (like I thought I might), instead, after lunch yesterday I noticed that I didn't want to take a nap. Hmm.

* Verdict: I'm convinced that eating every 2-ish hours helps. Am interested to see how today goes as softball practice starts smack-dub during dinner time.

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